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Watch the highlights of the Ninja vs Ninja premiere

You can watch these four full runs right now!

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the first episode of American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja!

Ninja vs Ninja’s first episode saw the Beasts from the East take on the Hashtag Ninjas. It was followed up with Team Ronin taking on the West Coast Warriors. After some tough battles, the Hashtag Ninjas and Team Ronin face each other. While both teams had unshakable skills, Flip Rodriguez’s Team Ronin triumphed and moved on to the playoffs.

You can read a full recap of the action here.

Here are a few of the highlighted runs from the episodes.

James McGrath vs Nicholas Coolridge

James and Nicholas were the very first heat of the night, giving us the first anxiety-inducing moment when James almost lost it on the dismount from Criss Cross Ring Toss.

Dave Cavanagh vs Jesse La Flair

In a do-or-die moment, Dave dug deep to chase down one of the fastest Ninjas out there, Jesse La Flair.

Meagan Martin vs Lindsay Eskildsen

Neither of these Ninjas pulled any punches. Meagan charged the Shelf Grab with such ferocity that she hit her head. Lindsay was moving with so much momentum that her fall turned into an acrobatic display.

JJ Woods vs JB Douglas

JJ displayed the power of taking risks within this racing format. After a huge dismount from the Rings, he had a lead that JB just couldn’t close before the buzzer.

Team Ronin went on push themselves through five grueling heats against the Hashtag Ninjas. In both relays on the extended course, their teamwork came together beautifully, giving them the final two wins.