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Get to know the Ninja Warriors on a more personal level

These clips give us a look at their lives off the course.

Eddy Chen/USA Network

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs Ninja has taken some of the best athletes in the sport and given fans a look at their more competitive sides. It has also given us a peek at their personal lives with little intro clips.

It’s easy to forget that these competitors are so much more than just the super humans we see on the course. They lead incredibly busy and full lives while also training and carving out the time to be on the show.

Learn a bit more about your favorite Ninjas with these clips! We’ll update this article as more are released through the season.

Nicholas Coolridge

Dave Cavanagh

Flip Rodriguez

Meagan Martin

Karson Voiles

Travis Weinand

Jesse Labreck

Paul Hamm

Brittany Reid

Brian Arnold

Barclay Stockett