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Who will come out on top of March Ninja Warrior Madness?

You can vote on different Ninja face-offs each day!

Ethan Swanson, a four-time American Ninja Warrior competitor, wants to get you in on the March Madness. He’s created a bracket consisting of 127 Ninja athletes and your votes will decide who wins each “match-up.”

Check out the MASSIVE bracket he put together here:

Ethan will be hosting polls for the match-ups each day on his Instagram Story. Votes on those polls will decide the bracket results. The fun kicks off today, Monday, March 19.

It looks like Ethan will be hosting about four match-up polls per day.

In a post on Reddit, Ethan explained how he created the bracket:

“I used data from ANW Fantasy from the past 3 seasons to seed individuals, weighting more current seasons higher, and also not hurting competitors for seasons they did not compete. It’s not perfect, but nothing is really on the line here so I’m hoping other competitors see this as a fun, easy going community activity and don’t get upset about either not being on the list or not having the correct seeding.”

How are you going to vote? Would Drew Drechsel beat out Dan Galiczynski? How about a Jesse Labreck and Jeri D’Aurelio face-off?