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Ian Dory helps to lead the Wolfpack across the globe

They’ll put on a youth competition in Hong Kong, China.

Wolfpack Ninjas/John Cachero/Instagram

The Wolfpack has experienced quite the population boom. Previously, the pack was a small group of American Ninja Warrior competitors who trained together in the Denver, Colorado area. Members included Ian Dory, Dr. Noah Kaufman, Brian Arnold and Meagan Martin.

But that pack has expanded in the past few years. With the debut of the Wolfpack Ninja Tour, many familiar athletes have taken part in the events, competing for cash prizes. The events created some exciting match-ups, like this race between Drew Drechsel and Adam Rayl.

Now, the pack is going global. They’ve recently announced the Wolfpack Ninja Championship in Hong Kong, China. The activation is an obstacle course competition for youth ages 6-16 as part of the Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens Festival, April 6-8.

Wolfpack co-founders Ian Dory and Dr. Noah Kaufman will lead the charge. While Kaufman has retired from American Ninja Warrior competition, Ian is still a top contender on the show. In season nine, he was the only finisher on the Denver City Finals course. Together with their team of Ninjas, they’ll spread the mission of Ninja health in Hong Kong.

From the Wolfpack’s official press release:

“The Wolfpack Ninja Championship will form part of a 16-day festival at Lee Gardens, which also includes activities such as an E-Sports arena, various sponsor activation booths, and the legendary Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens FanWalk.

Wolfpack Ninja Pro Team members appearing at the event include Kaufman, Wolfpack co-founder Ian Dory, the legendary Los Angeles-based duo of Travis Brewer and Nicholas “Modern Tarzan” Coolridge, and former Australian Olympic Gymnastics Team Member Olivia Vivian, “the Wonder from Down Under.” The group will perform, host, instruct and inspire the families who attend.”

For more information on the Wolfpack, visit their website here.