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Watch all of Team USA’s full runs

Joe, Drew, Najee and Sean had to fight for every point on each stage.

David Becker/NBC

On March 11, American Ninja Warrior fans got to sink into three-hours of brand new Ninja competition with 2018’s USA vs the World.

The extravaganza featured four teams of four Ninjas from around the globe. Together, they competed for points on all four stages of the Las Vegas National Finals.

You can read a full recap of the action here.

Check out these highlighted moments from Team USA’s performance.

Joe Moravsky on Stage One

Joe Moravsky started things off for Team USA. Usually Stage One is a walk in the park for this Ninja, so it was a big surprise to see him fall on the Domino Pipes.

Drew Drechsel on Stage One

Drew Drechsel ran in the second heat on Stage One. After Sergio Verdasco from Team Europe set a time of 2:02:21, Drew had to move it to win three points. He turned in a time of 1:48:44 and claimed the heat for Team USA.

Sean Bryan on Stage Two

A return to Stage Two brought with it a return to the terrifying Wingnut Alley. Sean Bryan was able to defeat it during season nine, but in this competition, his landing was slightly off, sending him on a scary fall that banged up the Ninja. However, he still won the heat.

Najee Richardson on Stage Two

Najee Richardson looked joyous as he bounded through the course, becoming the first Ninja of the night to beat it. He hit the buzzer at 3:59:03. While it was a fantastic run, Team Europe followed it with Sean McColl’s time of 3:22:80, leaving Team USA with two points.

Drew Drechsel on Stage Three

Stage Three was undefeated in the regular season and it kept it that way in USA vs the World. The Ultimate Cliffhanger proved to be too much for every Ninja that reached it. Even Drew Drechsel struggled with the obstacle, falling on the second big transfer. While no one would go further, Team Europe edged out the win with Sergio Verdasco’s slightly quicker pace.

Joe Moravsky on Stage Three

Joe Moravsky was looking for revenge on the course that had stopped him from climbing for $1 million in season nine. But that Ultimate Cliffhanger had other plans. However, his pace was on point, leading Team USA to a win in this heat.

Sean Bryan vs Sean McColl on the Final Climb

When the dust settled, Team Europe and Team USA stood together at the base of the Final Climb. Sean McColl took the rope for Europe, and Sean Bryan shook off his fall from earlier to climb for Team USA. In an incredibly close race, the two hit the buzzer less than a second apart. But Sean McColl had claimed the win with a time of 25:93, compared to Sean Bryan’s 26:79.

With that, Team Europe took the title back from Team USA!

You can watch the full episode here.