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This 7-year-old Ninja crushed Jessie Graff’s record in the Paper Challenge

She was inspired to match the Ninja Warrior’s accomplishment.

So there’s this thing that’s been going around the Internet over the past few months called the Paper Challenge. It’s when someone folds a piece of paper in half, puts it on the ground, and bends down to get it, using only their mouth and standing on one leg.

It’s a whole deal. Ninjas love it. We’d try it ourselves, but there’s a 99.99% chance it would end in a bloody nose.

Then Jessie Graff folded her paper twice.

I see your #PaperChallenge, and i raise you 2 folds.

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That inspired a young Ninja to take matters into her own hands. AkiTube was inspired by Jessie’s video and decided to see how far she could take it. That turned out to be very, very far. Watch the bendy little Ninja take the Paper Challenge into entirely new territory!

She pulls off several lower and lower heights of paper until she’s finally left with one that’s almost flat to the floor.


The last height takes a couple tries, but in the end, she nails it! Our joints ached just watching this, but you go, girl!