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7 Valentine’s Day ideas for the Ninja Warrior in your life

Love is in the air!

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. The Mount Midoriyama of romance. What can you do make sure the Ninja Warrior in your life knows they’re special? Don’t you worry! We’ve got seven ideas that will make their Ninja-hearts sing!

1.) Customize some merch for them

You can buy customized American Ninja Warrior merch online here. Order up that cute pet name like “Snookums” or “Obstacle beast.”

2.) Write them a Ninja Warrior love song

Jessie Graff wrote an ode to Ninja Warrior. Now you write a sonnet for YOUR Ninja Warrior.

3.) Learn how to do things like this

It’s a scientific fact that Ninjas love this stuff. They’ll be totally impressed.

4.) Take them to a taping and hold their Ninja-loving hand all night

Nothing says, “I’ll cherish you forever” quite like trying to stay warm while watching Ninjas until the sun comes up.

5.) Do whatever it takes to get them to the buzzer

If they can’t get to the buzzer just yet, bring the buzzer to them!

Dad-ing done right! #americanninjawarrior via @sweetninjagirl

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6.) Build them a course and put a box of chocolates at the end

A simple way to spruce up the classic “flowers and chocolates” gift.

7.) Train. Get on American Ninja Warrior. Propose. Have an entirely Ninja Warrior-themed wedding.

You’re playing the long game with this one. But it’s the epitome of Ninja love!

There you go. Perfect gifts for a perfect Ninja Warrior Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome.