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The Los Angeles casting calls have begun!

Check out a few of the Ninjas who’ll be returning to the course.

Tyler Golden/NBC

That sound you heard yesterday afternoon? That wasn’t some rocket heading off to Mars, that was a collective gasp from thousands of Ninjas.

“The calls” have officially begun! For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, after Ninjas apply to be on the show, they anxiously wait for a call from the casting team, confirming that they’ve been selected to compete.

Generally, the calls go in order of the filming cities. So since Los Angeles will tape starting March 6, those Ninjas are up first!

Here are a few of the Ninjas who’ve taken to social media to confirm they’re returning!

This is not a complete list, and the calls take quite a while to complete. We’re sending good thoughts to every Ninja clutching their phone right now!

Flip Rodriguez

Grant McCartney

Tiana Webberley

Zhanique Lovett

Nicholas Coolridge

Stephen Seiver

Benjamin Humphrys

Gabe Hurtado

The LA field is already shaping up! We can’t wait to find out who else will be on the course in just a month!