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5 reasons Dwayne Johnson is ready for Ninja Warrior

He’s working on a new show with the producers of American Ninja Warrior.

NBC Titan Games/Instagram

We freaked out (just a tad) when the news broke that Dwayne Johnson not only loves American Ninja Warrior, but he’s partnering with the producers of the show on a new project, The Titan Games.

Basically, this means all he needs to do is raise his hand and the red carpet will be rolled out for him to step right up to the course. And we think he should do it. For a lot of reasons, but here are five of them:

1.) He’s has some obstacle experience. For the movie “Baywatch,” Johnson competed against Zac Efron on a course.

2.) Ninjas trained him for that experience! American Ninja Warriors Flip Rodriguez, JJ Woods and Tiana Webberley all worked on “Baywatch.” So Johnson has already gotten advice from some of the best.

3.) MAJOR jumping skills. The Floating Steps will be no challenge for him based on the leap at the start of this trailer which is 100% real and not exaggerated in the slightest.

4.) He trains like THIS.

5.) Most important, he’s got that Ninja Warrior heart that makes the competitors so special.

There’s A LOT that goes into being a successful Ninja Warrior; grip strength, endurance, cardio, etc. We can’t swear that Johnson is a pro at all of them, but we think he’s working with one heck of a foundation.

So, Dwayne Johnson, LET’S DO THIS.