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Warped Wall safety tips from two gutsy Ninjas

Grant McCartney and Neil Craver know that safety comes first, even during their crazy antics.

The Warped Wall is one of the most iconic obstacles on American Ninja Warrior. Every Ninja knows they need to master the Wall in order to hit the buzzer and move on.

Because it’s so pervasive, training advice around getting up the Warped Wall is readily available online. But this new video from Grant McCartney and Neil Craver starts off with an important topic that’s sometimes overlooked: Safety.

Now, getting safety advice from the Island Ninja and Crazy Craver might seem a little counter intuitive. They’re both daredevils and Neil has a thing for fire.

But they still understand the importance of safety first.

They discuss the steps you need to take to train safely. Tighten up your shoes, get a good warm up in and know how to fall. Because it’s going to happen a lot at first.

When you charge the wall, stay facing it at all times. Even when you miss the grab. Slide down, “like a bug on a windshield.” Don’t turn around to run back, it puts you in a position to roll your ankle.

Neil and Grant go on to talk about other important aspects of Warped Wall training. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • The right shoes: They’re all about once specific brand.
  • Build speed
  • Stay calm and watch your step
  • Keep your chest up
  • Time your explosive jump
  • Pull yourself up
  • Have a proper celebration at the top, of course