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Dwayne Johnson calls Ninja Warrior one of his favorite shows and that makes us so happy

It helped inspire his new show ‘The Titan Games’

Dwayne Johnson stopped by The Tonight Show and made a very important announcement.


Look, here’s the proof.

We repeat: Dwayne Johnson likes Ninja Warrior, which confirms its status as the best show ever.

Okay, then he went on to announce that Ninja Warrior helped inspire the creation of HIS new show, The Titan Games. The show will allow everyday people to demonstrate their strengths and get on a team with Johnson.

It also happens to be produced by A. Smith and Co, the team behind American Ninja Warrior. This all adds up to mean one thing: We NEED to see The Rock on the course!

Please let this happen. Please let this happen. Please let this happen.

Us, thinking about this possibility.

While we dream about that, you can apply to be on his new show here.