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ANW Nation is looking for a contributor

Are you a Ninja fan? We want to add your voice to the site!

Ryan Tuttle/NBC

American Ninja Warrior Nation is growing! We’re looking for a passionate fan ready to add their voice to this site.

This is a contractor position that pays a monthly stipend, and will require some night work. We are looking for a writer who can step in and help run the site while ANW Nation’s full time staff is engaged at events.

Requirements include:

  • Publishing two original articles per day
  • Updating social media platforms
  • Interacting with the ANW online fan community
  • Keeping an ear to the ground for any and all breaking Ninja Warrior news

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has a thorough knowledge of American Ninja Warrior and the surrounding community
  • Possesses some type of writing skills
  • Can write and publish quickly without much help
  • Can communicate effectively with editors
  • Is able to work well in a virtual environment


  • Job would begin March 6


  • Remote

This is a perfect role for a die-hard Ninja Warrior fan who loves hanging out on the Internet. We’ll talk about Ninjas, we’ll talk to Ninjas and we’ll fan over everything to do with Ninja Warrior.

If you’re interested in applying, please click here to view the official job listing!