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Dallas begins to round up its Ninja Warriors

Here are a few of the competitors who’ve said they’ll be taking on the Texan course.

Felicia Graham/NBC

When the casting calls for American Ninja Warrior’s Los Angeles taping started a couple weeks ago, it was only a matter of time before the next region, Dallas, joined in on the fun.

We knew Dallas would be a stacked region. It’s a Ninja stronghold that has turned in incredible moments in past seasons. Looking at the Ninjas who’ve taken to social media to confirm their return, things are looking just as epic for 2018!

This is not a complete list, and the calls take quite a while to complete. We’re sending good thoughts to every Ninja clutching their phone right now!

Daniel Gil

Barclay Stockett

Brent Steffensen

Thomas Stillings

Tremayne Dortch

Jody Avila

Abel Gonzalez

Nate Burkhalter

Artis Thompson III

Brandi Monteverde

Brian Burkhardt

Tawnee Leonardo

Brittany Hanks

Rose Wetzel

These Ninjas will head to Dallas to compete on March 25 and 26th. Good luck to everyone!