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How would you design the USA vs the World teams?

Pretend the power is in your hands. What teams would you put together?

David Becker/NBC

American Ninja Warrior: USA vs the World will debut on March 11 on NBC. The annual special brings teams of Ninjas from across the globe to Las Vegas. There, they compete on the stages of the National Finals to come out as the team with the most points, taking home the trophy.

This year’s three-hour special features four teams of four competitors.

  • Team North America
  • Team Asia
  • Team Europe
  • Team Latin America

As the Ninja Warrior community grows all over the world, it’s very arguable that there are a LOT of various ways to select teams for this competition.

So we want to know: What would your international competition teams look like?

How would you divide up the global Ninja athletes into teams for a competition like this? How many Ninjas per team? Are there any international Ninjas you’d like to see on the special?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!