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Are these the biggest upsets in Ninja Warrior history?

One YouTube channel shared their picks for most shocking falls.

YouTube channel, Top Ten Daily, recently put together a video detailing what they think are the biggest upsets in the history of American Ninja Warrior. They delved deep into the history of the show to put together their top ten picks.

10.) Travis Rosen, season eight

9.) Ryan Stratis, season four

8.) Paul Kasemir, season seven

7.) Brent Steffensen, season five

6.) Brian Orosco, season four

5.) Drew Drechsel, season six

4.) Levi Meeuwenberg, season four

3.) Flip Rodriguez, season six

2.) David Campbell, season four

1.) Geoff Britten, season eight

What do you think? Would you agree that these were the most shocking falls? We think there’s room for some debate here!