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The Slam Dunk Contest can be fixed by adding Ninja Warrior obstacles

You want cool dunks. We’ll give you cool dunks.

David Becker/NBC

The Slam Dunk Contest has been running strong since 1984 as one of the marquee events of NBA All-Star Weekend. But while the years have provided some thrilling dunks, one thing became abundantly clear during this year’s iteration in LA: all the cool dunks have already been done.

Fear not, NBA fans, for we have a solution: add Ninja Warrior obstacles to the dunk contest! We’re biased, of course, but Ninja Warrior obstacles are the perfect way to spice up any competition, and the dunk contest is no exception.

Want some examples? We have examples.

Roll and dunk.

It’s the Rolling Log, but in the middle, shoot your shot!

Grab and dunk.

The Ultimate Cliffhanger. Except you also have to bring a basketball with you and dunk on the transfer.

Dunk on the dismount.

The Wingnuts already give Ninjas great air time. Stick a dunk in there.

Dunk in midair.

The perfect place for a dunk? Right in the middle of the Double Dipper.

Run. Dunk. Jump.

It’s Parkour Run, but with, you know, a dunk at the end.

The Warped dunk.

Ninjas always seem a little bored at the top of the Warped Wall. Throw a net up there!

There you have it! We’ve fixed the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. You’re welcome, basketball fans everywhere. And since the All-Star Game fixed itself, our work here is done!