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Please look at these adorable Ninja Warrior family members

So many doggos and kitties!

Do you ever have one of those days were you’re just not feeling it and you’d rather look at fur babies on Instagram? Yup. Us too. Let’s enjoy it together!

Here are some of the adorable meow-meows and puppers who make up the American Ninja Warrior family.

Kristine Leahy’s number one gal is Jersey.

Akbar keeps his fitness on point with Simba.

Is there an ANW pet more well-known than Jessie Graff’s Sammo Hog? We think not.

Drew Drechsel’s hedgehog and cat even have their own Instagram account.

Getting my #ninja on today!

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Drew sends his cat love notes from the road.

STORY TIME! This is my cat Her name is As he.❤ I miss my cat Ashe...

A post shared by Drew Drechsel (@reallifeninja) on

When Doogie isn’t dressed up for the show, he’s just a regular family man with his hoo-mans Jamie and Kim Rahn.

How could we not include the “K9 Ninja”?!? Roo has a pack of puppers. Johnny is a total camera-hog though.

Well, hello there!

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Nick Hanson has a straight up Ninja dog!

Joe Moravsky must have taught his deep mental focus to his puppy.

@EmilyMoravsky what are you doing to our little puppy....

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Alan Connealy has a living floof. A LIVING FLOOF, we say!

. . . #dog #friends #fun #parkour

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Najee Richardson has a KITTEN.

No. Wait. Najee has TWO sleeping kittens! *Melts

Look at the pure goodness of Erica Cook’s doggo.

This noble steed knows how to take care of his family, including Lance Pekus.

Okay, APPARENTLY we’re not allowed to spend anymore time looking for animal pics at work today. So do us a favor and leave links to adorable posts in the comment section.