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Ninja Warrior donates his kidney and still plans to compete

Austin Gray gave a huge gift and has his sights set on Minneapolis!

The Ninja Warrior community is incredible. Seriously. In case you needed another example of that, take a look at this post from Ninja Austin Gray. He just donated his kidney and is already hoping to COMPETE when American Ninja Warrior stops in Minneapolis!

Here’s what Austin shared in his moving Instagram post:

“This was the most important weekend of my life. Most of you know by know that I’ve been planning on donating my kidney for about a year now. And after setbacks and changes I thought it might not get to happen. Well it finally did - I had the chance to help someone in a way much larger than I can imagine.

Thanks @kayleeadams6 for always being positive throughout this whole journey. I believe that if you ever have the opportunity to help someone - no matter how significant the help may be - you should take that opportunity. Huge thanks to everyone supporting me, some seen in photos and some not - my family (too many to list), Taylor (and mom) @sweetninjagirl, Beth @bethannbaracus, everyone from @wolfpackninjas and @warriorplayground, and all the amazing staff from UCHealth that made this go as smoothly as possible. You are all amazing. 15 weeks until we film ANW in Minneapolis and I very much plan on being there. So I’m not really going to be posting a whole lot for quite awhile. This is why.”

Austin placed eighth in the men’s division at the Wolfpack Ninja Tour event back in November. He ran against some of the toughest Ninjas in the game!

He’s not just a competitor. He also designs and builds his own obstacles.

He’s an integral part of his Ninja community.

Couples that ninja together stay together @bdabomb15

A post shared by Austin Gray (@ninjaneer_ag) on

And they’re rallying around him during his recovery.

What an awesome gift, Austin! We’re wishing you and Kaylee speedy and smooth recoveries!

UPDATE: Austin GOT THE CALL! He’ll be competing in the Minneapolis region for season 10 of American Ninja Warrior!