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Here’s how the Ninjas Warriors celebrated International Ninja Day

We didn’t even know about this holiday!

Rachael Goldstein/Instagram

Did you know that December 5 is the Day of the Ninja, also known as International Ninja Day? Nope, neither did we. In fact, when we started seeing people talk about it, we thought it was a joke. We had to consult the experts (AKA: Google) to prove its validity.

See that solid, irrefutable proof?

From our “research” (AKA: Yup, we Googled, “What is International Ninja Day?”), the day is supposed to encourage people to dress up like Ninjas and enjoy Ninja shenanigans for a day. But it took about 0.3 seconds for the American Ninja Warrior community to put their own spin on the holiday.

Using #InternationalNinjaDay and #NationalNinjaDay, Ninjas who’ve been on the show, and Ninjas who take part in their local scenes took to social media to celebrate the day. They shared throwback memories. They showed their Ninja accomplishments. Some even pulled off new stunts just for the big day. Many included stories about how being a part of the Ninja Warrior world has changed their lives for the better.

We’ve collected a handful of Day of the Ninja posts to share with you.

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There’s an #internationalninjaday!? Who knew!

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Okay, this one is totally unrelated to Ninja Warrior, but it gave us a chuckle.

Bonus: Here’s a cat dressed as a Ninja. Just ‘cause.

Update your calendars, folks. December 5 will now forever be the day we celebrate Ninja (Warriors) all over the world!