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Sara Heesen’s exercise advent calendar should be a holiday tradition

We can’t get enough of her creative and fun videos,

She’s not injured in this photo, we promise.
Sara Heesen/Instagram

Sara Heesen is a two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor who made it to the National Finals in season nine. She’s not going to let the holidays slow down her training for season 11. Sara had a great idea for staying motivated and active this month. She’s doing an exercise advent calendar.

Each day of December, she’s trying out a new, off-the-beaten-path exercise idea. Whether you’re looking for some fresh exercise ideas, or just some amusement, we recommend you check it out.

There’s the stick burpees, which is when we knew we’d be checking back in on this adventure.

She followed that with climbing on friends! (Oh wow, what an understanding, kind friend.) This one required safety equipment.

We’re including a warning with this next one. If you have not heard the children’s song “Baby Shark” yet... first, count yourself lucky. Second, maybe watch this one with the sound off so that the ear-worm of a tune doesn’t haunt you well into 2019.

We have to echo Sara in this one. “What the heck?!?”

We’re loving all of the exercise ideas and the fact that Sara is celebrating the season with an extra dose of joy. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her advent calendar!