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Poker pro might snag $125k if he can qualify for the City Finals this season

Tony Miles and Shaun Deeb have a little wager going.

Tony Miles/Instagram

How many times have you been watching American Ninja Warrior and someone has said, “I bet I could do that”? Have you ever thought about taking them seriously?

Poker pro Shaun Deeb did. He’s placed a bet with fellow poker pro Tony Miles about just that. Miles is applying and training to be on American Ninja Warrior with a little cash incentive.

In an interview with Sarah Herring of Poker News, Miles admitted the bet was in place and he was working hard on it. He’s been training at a Ninja gym, working on the Salmon Ladder, lachés, the Warped Wall, and rock climbing.

However, in the video, he declines to share the details of the bet.

Deeb might have given us a hint at what they’re working with on Twitter.

Cards Chat broke down what that arrangement would mean:

“According to Deeb’s tweet, Miles is putting up $5,000 on his ability to get on the show and advance at least one round at some point in the next three years. If Miles can do it with in a year, he’ll win at 25/1 odds, taking home $125,000. If he can do it in the second year, the odds drop to 20/1 ($100,000), while doing it in the third year would pay 15/1 ($75,000). If he still hasn’t done it by the end of year three, Deeb will collect his $5,000.”

Basically, if Miles can qualify for a City Finals course in season 11 of American Ninja Warrior, he’s going to get a cool $125,000. That’s more than if he was the last Ninja standing.

Later in the Twitter thread, Miles showed off some Ninja skills.

But there are some odds they can’t factor into the bet. Getting a shot at the course is at the producers’ discretion. He’ll need to send in an application along with the other thousands of incoming Ninjas and be selected. Then, he’ll need to make it into the top 30 in his Qualifying city. Generally about 100 Ninjas run the course each night, so he’ll probably have to make it far down the course to advance to the City Finals.

$125k is nothing to sneeze at, but it does give you an idea of the kind of cash Miles and Deeb are used to dealing with. As a professional poker player, Deeb has won over $6 million. Miles has won over $5 million and recently became the 2018 World Series of Poker runner-up.

Hey, Drew Drechsel and Joe Moravsky (season 9 and 10’s last Ninjas standing), would you take that bet?