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The community has rallied behind ‘Ninja for a Cure’ after theft

$2000 worth of merchandise was stolen.

Ninja for a Cure

There is an outstanding community surrounding American Ninja Warrior. This is a fact noted over and over again. It’s Ninjas facing the obstacles together, not competing with each other, and they carry that attitude into their day-to-day lives.

Many of the Ninja Warrior competitors have started their own organizations to benefit the causes that mean the most to them. One of those organizations is “Ninja for a Cure.” Henry Ferrarin started the organization after his mother’s battle with breast cancer inspired him to try out for American Ninja Warrior. He raises donations and sells shirts, with the profits going to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Ninja for a Cure has raised over $42,000 so far. He’s not alone in his efforts. Other Ninjas, like Maura Sherman, have joined him in the organization.

Maura’s car was broken into over the first weekend of December. Whoever did it took $2000 worth of Ninja for a Cure shirts that Henry had paid for himself. The shirts were to be sold to benefit their BCRF efforts. It was a huge loss for the small organization.

Of course, there was no way the Ninja community was going to let that stand. Another organization, Neighborhood Ninjas, kicked things off and started a fundraiser to replace the costs of the shirts.

Since December 3, they’ve raised $1275 towards the goal of $2000, with over 20 donors taking part. The holidays are a time when finances are pulled in many different directions, making it even more special that they’re well on their way to recouping the loss of the shirts.

This is just small example of the lengths the Ninjas will go to to help one another over any obstacle, on or off the course.