Tony Miles Training for American Ninja Warrior to Win Prop Bet with Shaun Deeb


"In an interview with Sarah Herring of PokerNews last week, Miles confirmed that he had booked a bet with Deeb in which Miles would need to not only advance through a city qualifier and get on American Ninja Warrior, but also advance past the first round of the competition in order to win. While Miles wouldn’t confirm the details of the bet or offer any specifics on the stipulations, Deeb had tweeted about the bet back in September, shining some light on what now appears to be a real wager. According to Deeb’s tweet, Miles is putting up $5,000 on his ability to get on the show and advance at least one round at some point in the next three years. If Miles can do it with in a year, he’ll win at 25/1 odds, taking home $125,000. If he can do it in the second year, the odds drop to 20/1 ($100,000), while doing it in the third year would pay 15/1 ($75,000). If he still hasn’t done it by the end of year three, Deeb will collect his $5,000."

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