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The Titan Games will include two American Ninja Warrior competitors

Melody Schofield and Cole Wadsworth will participate in the new show.

Chris Haston/NBC

Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming show, The Titan Games, recently released the full roster of all 64 competitors who will try to outlast the physical challenges. We’ve already gone over how the show is related to American Ninja Warrior, but we now know there will be a small cross-over in athletes.

Two of the Titan Games competitors are also two-time American Ninja Warriors.

Melody Schofield has taken part in seasons nine and ten of Ninja Warrior, as well as the second season of Team Ninja Warrior. She hasn’t made it to the City Finals yet.

Chris Haston/NBC

Melody was nicknamed “The Pebble” because of her resemblance to Dwayne Johnson. She even got the call from The Rock himself. You can see her overjoyed reaction in the preview video that was released.

The other American Ninja Warrior taking part in The Titan Games is Cole Wadsworth. He also ran the course in seasons nine and ten. Like Melody, he hasn’t been on a City Finals course yet, so the audience isn’t as familiar with him.

Chris Haston/NBC

It looks like American Ninja Warrior and The Titan Games will be two very different competitions. Where Ninja Warrior can lean into precision and agility as well as strength, The Titan Games looks pretty intensely focused on sheer power.

Melody and Cole have trained for both competitions, working on those very different styles. It will be interesting to see how their experience with that variety of exercise plays out on The Titan Games.

The Titan Games premiere on January 3rd on NBC.