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Here are this year’s most beloved Ninja Warrior moments

2018 is winding to a close and we’re looking back at the Ninja action.

David Becker/NBC

The end of the year is a time to reflect back on all that’s happened in the prior 12 months. For American Ninja Warrior fans, that’s a wealth of moments to look back at from the show’s tenth season. We took to social media to ask you what your favorite Ninja Warrior moments were from 2018.

Here are some of your responses! They’re presented in no particular order. Looking at all of these makes us think 2019 will have a lot to live up to! Is there a moment that isn’t here and can’t be missed? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Kyle Shulze’s moving runs

Mathis Owhadi’s rookie season

Jamie Rahn handling Stage One with no shoes

Anything Drew Drechsel did

Barclay Stockett’s ability to inspire

Chris Wilczewski’s triumphant return

Jessie Graff being a real life superhero

Daniel Gil dominating the 18-foot Mega Wall

The consistency of long-time veterans

Lucas Reale’s deeply emotional Stage One run

Sean Bryan clearing Stage Two

Ryan Stratis kicking off his 10th season with $10k

Have a favorite moment that you don’t see here? Tell us in the comments!