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What’s your favorite Ninja Warrior moment from 2018?

Heartwarming, thrilling, or inspiring. We want to know what moment matters to you.

David Becker/NBC

Jamie Rahn turn a potential disaster into triumph by running Stage One barefoot. Enedina Stanger defied her disorder to take on the Minneapolis course. Chris Wilczewski found redemption after a near-death experience through his flawless runs.

All these things happened in 2018.

Season 10 of American Ninja Warrior brought new changes to the course with younger competitors and an 18-foot tall Warped Wall. The competitors brought their indomitable spirits and almost uncanny athleticism.

Looking back on it all, what’s your favorite Ninja Warrior moment from 2018?

There are no rules around defining what can be your favorite. This isn’t “most thrilling” or “most inspiring.” It’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see that question. We named some pretty grand examples above, but maybe you prefer a smaller, quieter moment. Something like Barclay Stockett shaking off the nerves and disappointment from her Qualifying run to smile and tumble on the City Finals course. Maybe when rookie Lucas Reale beat Stage One on the three-year anniversary of his father’s passing.

Let’s hear it! Jump down to the comments and tell us the one Ninja Warrior moment that stands out to you from the past year.