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Would you change this ranking of the ‘top 30 Ninjas’?

It’s a pretty comprehensive video, but do you agree with all of it?

We’ve shared some of Universal Tuber’s comprehensive American Ninja Warrior analyses before. The super-fan is back with a new video detailing the top 30 American Ninja Warriors (taking all the seasons of the show into account). It’s a bit of a lengthy watch at just over 30 minutes, but hey, that’s the time you need to really break things down.

The episode also features commentary from Rich and Bijan of the Armchair Ninja Podcast. Basically, it’s the type of intense discussion only those who REALLY know their stuff can contend it.

It’s definitely worth a listen and we want to hear your thoughts on the line up. This video is part one of two, so the count down ends without revealing the top five. Here are a few of names and rankings from the list.

  • Allyssa Beird in 30th
  • Adam Rayl in 27th
  • Nicholas Coolridge in 24th
  • Chris Wilczewski in 22nd
  • James McGrath in 18th
  • Brent Steffensen in 15th
  • Jamie Rahn in 14th
  • Jessie Graff in 10th
  • Najee Richardson in 8th
  • Sean Bryan in 7th
  • Brian Arnold in 6th

Check out the video, take a peek that the abbreviated line up we included above and give us your thoughts. Would you change things up?

UPDATED: Here’s part two of the video!

The number one spot when to none other than Drew Drechsel. Do you agree with the top five? Jump down to the comments and share!