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Fan creates superhero movie inspired Ninja Warrior art

The attention to detail is meticulous.


One American Ninja Warrior fan has created some seriously heroic art. Mary Rose, who goes by @_marysshi on Instagram is an artist who took some cinematic inspiration and brought it to the Ninjas.

Back in November, Mary Rose released this glorious drawing of a whopping 24 American Ninja Warrior competitors.

In the caption, Mary Rose said it was inspired by the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ poster and we SEE IT. (So does that make Drew Drechsel Thanos? Look at Joe Moravsky hitting the Iron Man pose!)

Ninjas and other fans alike flipped over the drawing. There were calls for t-shirts and posters to be made. However, other viewers pointed out that their personal favorite competitors didn’t make the image. Which is fair, there are 100’s of Ninjas to pick from and they’re all heroes in their own way! But we’re pretty impressed Mary Rose got two dozen of them in one go.

Next, Mary Rose posted a picture of this little pupper. Which has absolutely nothing to do with Ninja Warrior, but it’s freakin’ adorable, so you’re welcome.

Then just recently, Mary Rose dropped this equally marvelous (See what we did there?) drawing, adding in 11 more Ninjas that weren’t in the first post.

This time, the look of the drawing was inspired by ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ and Mary Rose laid out which characters they represented.

Well, who else could be Phoenix except THE PHOENIX, Najee Richardson?

Here’s a version of that movie’s poster. Again, Mary Rose was totally on point with the feel of the poster without it being an exact copy. Love it!

Here’s a conundrum to think about: Did Mary Rose draw Ninjas as superheroes, or real superheroes as fictional superheroes? Whoa.