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Build your own Ninja Warrior Lego course with these videos

YouTube user Brickophile walks through how to create tons of obstacles.


Legos and American Ninja Warrior just seem to be a natural alliance. There’s even a video from Lego that officially celebrates the course. If you do a quick search on YouTube, you’ll come across dozens of fan videos building different obstacles and creating Lego characters of their favorite Ninjas. The creativity and ingenuity that goes into building with Legos translates well to the constant adaptability of the obstacles and the competitors.

Currently, there isn’t an official American Ninja Warrior Lego set. Although, there are a lot of cool builds that you can vote into reality on the Lego Ideas site, like this American Ninja Warrior National Finals build.

However, if you’re feeling creative, you could put together your very own course. Brickophile uses YouTube to break down some very cool obstacles that you can build yourself out of Legos. There are a LOT of options to pick from, like this six obstacle Qualifying course.

There’s the new Twist and Fly from season 10.

Get into Stage Two of the National Finals by building obstacles like Deja Vu and Wingnut Alley.

If you take the time to build these awesome mini obstacles, you should absolutely make sure they get tested out by your favorite competitor!

This is also a great idea if you have a little Ninja in your life who wishes they had a Ninja Warrior Lego set for the holidays. All the fun of getting them what they want, plus the heartfelt emotion of putting their present together yourself!

Who’s going to try one of the builds or come up with their own?