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‘Fuller House’ includes an American Ninja Warrior course

Everywhere you look... there’s a Ninja Warrior reference.

One sure fire way to know a show has become ingrained in pop culture is when other shows make references to it. This has happened a few times for American Ninja Warrior, with the inclusion of a skit on “Saturday Night Live,” passing mentions on “Two Broke Girls,” and, of course, the addition of the Salmon Ladder to the lair on “Arrow.”

It looks like Netflix’s “Fuller House” wants in on the action too. In the trailer for season four, we caught a glimpse of some familiar exercise equipment.

There’s no way those aren’t Floating Steps-inspired.

Hitting a buzzer at the top of a climb? Screams “Ninja Warrior” to us!

A recap available from ShowSnob.Com laid out the scene:

“It’s DJ and Steve’s two-week-aversary. Although they’ve never heard of it, Fernando and Kimmy make a huge deal about it and convince them to keep out-doing each other with gifts. They start small – flowers and teddy bears – but eventually, Steve creates an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course in the house for DJ.”

There you have it. Even DJ from the days of “Full House” wants to be an American Ninja Warrior.

Which really just leaves us with one burning question...