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Watch Johnny Bananas take on a Ninja Warrior challenge

He placed a bet against experienced Ninja Hunter Guerard.

Johnny Bananas isn’t afraid of obstacles. He’s taken part in MTV’s “The Real World” and has participated in “The Challenge” 17 different times. Johnny is now the host of the travel show “1st Look.” The series features Johnny criss-crossing to visit “thrilling travel destinations.” When the project brought him to Minneapolis, he bumped right into American Ninja Warrior and there was no way he was missing out.

Johnny trained with Kyle Soderman. We last saw Kyle on Ninja vs Ninja, as part of team Lizard Kings. Kyle was tasked with getting Johnny ready to win a bet against Hunter Guerard, who’s made it to Stage Two of the National Finals in both of his seasons on Ninja Warrior. Johnny’s new challenge was to complete more obstacles in a faster time than Hunter. With the friendly rivalry in place, they headed out to the course. Hunter upped the ante by promising Johnny $500 if he beat the first three obstacles.

Things went just about as well as you’d expect them too. Hunter ripped the course apart, making it to the ninth obstacle.

Johnny gave it a good shot but ultimately fell on the second obstacle, the Double Twister. Matt Iseman had to pay out $1 on his bet with Akbar Gbajabiamila, and Johnny had a new found respect for our Ninja Warrior athletes.

Watch the full segment in the video above!