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2018’s most popular Ninja Warrior news

The top 10 articles devoured by the fans in the past year.

David Becker/NBC

And just like that, the year is almost over.

2018 was a big year for American Ninja Warrior as the show’s 10th season aired. The format went through some changes with the inclusion of 19-year-old athletes, the 18-foot Mega Wall, and the show’s first water obstacle. To close out the year, we took a look back at the news the fans read the most.

1.) 2018’s cities and taping dates

When Ninja Warrior’s 2018 tour was announced, the fans jumped on it! We hope a lot of you got the chance to watch the action in person.

2.) Is the ‘old man’ Ninja real?

Okay, this was number three on 2017’s list of most read news and it’s still constantly getting hits. The ‘old man’ will never die! Spoiler alert: It’s not real. It’s Brent Steffensen sporting some pretty incredible make up.

3.) Announcing American Ninja Warrior Junior

After years of asking for a kids’ version of the show, fans got their wish!

4.) Kacy Catanzaro makes her WWE debut

The Ninja Warrior trail-blazer retired in season nine to focus on her wrestling career. It seems like the fans were excited to get a glimpse of her in her new role.

5.) American Ninja Warrior’s 2018 air schedule

You wanted to know the order of the cities so you didn’t miss a thing.

6.) Update on Travis Rosen’s broken ankle

After that brutal moment on Stage One of the National Finals, readers wanted to know how Travis was doing and make sure he was okay.

7.) How to get tickets to see American Ninja Warrior

Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite Ninjas in action?

8.) Season 10’s premiere date

The historic season arrived on May 30.

9.) Why Jessie Graff wasn’t at the National Finals

After another banner season where she excelled on the Miami course, fans eagerly awaited Jessie’s return to the National Finals. We were disappointed to learn she wouldn’t take on Stage One, but thrilled to find out she’d landed her dream job as a stunt person on the upcoming Wonder Woman film.

10.) Season 10’s Stage One finishers

Over the course of two episodes, 30 Ninjas battled their way to the buzzer on Stage One of the National Finals, making them the elite of the elite from the season.

We’re looking forward to all the Ninja Warrior news that 2019 will bring!