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This talented dog has mastered the Warped Wall

No obstacle will keep her from her stick!

We all know what happens once an obstacle appears on American Ninja Warrior. The competitors study it. They break it down. They build replicas and master it. It’s why the course seems to get harder and harder every year. The Ninjas transform impossible looking contraptions into routine training regimens.

Case in point, the Warped Wall. In the early seasons of the show, it baffled some competitors. Now, while it does still stump some Ninjas, it’s much rarer to see people fail on it. The Warped Wall has been raised to 14.5 feet, with an 18-foot Mega Wall available on the Qualifying courses.

The Ninjas are so used to training on the Warped Wall that even their pets are mastering it. Take a look at Ninja Warrior competitor Kevin Carbone’s pup, Roxie. In a video posted to his Instagram, Kevin climbs a ladder and holds a stick at about the 12-foot mark along a Warped Wall. On cue, Roxie storms the wall and snags it, frolicking off into the woods with her prize. She even knew how to safely descend the wall and looked like she had another foot or two of height in her.

Between Roxie on the Warped Wall, and Johnny (Roo Yori’s pupper) on the zip line, we could be looking at the future competitors of Canine Ninja Warrior!