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Ninjas shared childhood pics for #ThrowbackThursday

These little kids grew into Ninja Warriors!

#ThrowbackThursday delivered some gems this week! A handful of American Ninja Warriors felt inspired to dig out photos from their childhood and they are precious. Look at these little faces.

The bangs! The cheeks! Little Allyssa Beird looks all dainty, but she grows up into an obstacle killer.

She showed Stage One of the National Finals no mercy.

Jesse Labreck’s picture from seventh grade is the stuff of legends. We can all relate to that period in life.

Little did that Jesse know, she’d grow up to make history. Becoming the first female rookie to qualify for the National Finals is just one of her accomplishments.

Now THIS is special. Look at baby Roo Yori. So much style! Style for DAYS!

Now that stylish young man is a Ninja Warrior advocate for dogs.

Can more Ninjas please post throwbacks like this? Please?