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Neighborhood Ninjas’ scholarship will send little Ninjas to the NNL World Championship

They hope to help 45 young competitors afford the travel costs.

Neighborhood Ninjas

American Ninja Warrior as a show, while great, can only represent a thumbnail of the much larger community. Leagues and contests are popping up all over the country, allowing everyone to pursue their ambitions to be a Ninja. The National Ninja League is one of the best examples of this. They facilitate dozens of competitions each season, culminating in their World Championships.

In 2019, the National Ninja League Championships will take place February 15-18 in Hartford CT. Some of the qualified competitors will need to travel across the country to take part. That’s a considerable financial burden, especially if the competitor is a youth. Families are left in the position of having hardworking little Ninjas who’ve competed and qualified for the Championships, but can’t afford to get to the location.

Neighborhood Ninjas wants to do something about that. They’ve created a scholarship fund to make sure deserving competitors have their chance to perform on the bigger stage. Neighborhood Ninjas is an organization devoted to “providing services for kids facing obstacles in their lives.

Their new scholarship program aims to give 45 kids and five adults $150 towards their travel to the National Ninja League Championships.

Sean Darling-Hammond, an American Ninja Warrior and a board member of Neighborhood Ninjas, shared the inspiration behind the scholarship.

“Neighborhood Ninjas, which is a joint project by me and five other ninjas, noticed that many of the kids who qualified for the National Ninja League finals couldn’t afford the costs to compete. So we created a scholarship fund to help provide the ticket and other expenses for those little ninjas most in need. We’ve already raised $2k and are now accepting applications for the scholarship (and, of course, are open to more donations as well).”

In order to fund the scholarship, Neighborhood Ninjas is looking to raise $10,000. They got the ball rolling on Go Fund Me, where they’ve pulled in $2,270 so far.

The scholarship application focuses on financial information only. There’s no need to write an essay or make a video. “We wanted to make it as simple and fair as possible,” Sean said.

If you’re interested in helping deserving little Ninjas access the opportunity they’ve earned, you can make a donation here:

If you’re a competitor who needs some assistance getting to the National Ninja League World Championships, you can start the scholarship application here:

We’re looking forward to seeing what those talented young athletes will do on the Championship course in February!