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Are the Titan Games’ obstacles similar to Ninja Warrior’s?

We took a closer look at Mount Olympus.

We got a look at some of the obstacles that will be featured on Dwayne Johnson’s new show, The Titan Games. The Ellen Show sent Average Andy over to the arena to take on Mount Olympus, which is kind of an ascending obstacle course that two competitors will take on at a time.

Now, we’re not here to critique Andy’s performance (he’s called “Average Andy” for a reason). We were more curious about getting a closer look at the obstacles. The Titan Games is almost a relative of American Ninja Warrior. They share a network, production company, and the same company constructs the obstacles for both shows. We wondered if we’d see any familiar concepts within the challenges.

The first two obstacles on Mount Olympus were both purely about power. There was a large wall that needed to be shoved over.

Next there were three walls that had to be pushed together and then up the ramp.

It’s pretty rare to see such straight forward obstacles on American Ninja Warrior. We’d say the best comparison would be the Wall Flip that used to be at the end of Stage Two. (But that didn’t make a return for season 10.)

David Becker/NBC

Next up on Mount Olympus was a series of rolling cylinders that competitors will have to climb over.

Now that looks more familiar! Rolling Logs are something Ninja Warriors know ALL about.

They’ve seen them in many different forms and they’ve proved challenging for some of the best Ninjas.

Brett Deering/NBC

Average Andy skips over a few of the obstacles and shows off the slides that will bring athletes down Mount Olympus.

So we see “slides” all the time on Ninja Warrior, but there’s generally something more complex going on than just taking a bit of ride. Grip strength, precision, and timing all come into play.

Jason Koerner/NBC
Fernando Leon/NBC

This was just a small sampling of the obstacles that will be included in The Titan Games. We’ve seen flashes of the other challenges in the promos for the show that have been circulating on TV and social media.

From what we’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem like there’s too much cross-over with the principles of the Ninja Warrior obstacles. We think there’s definitely going to be a pretty big difference between the athletes of Ninja Warrior and the athletes of the Titan Games.

Do you think a Ninja Warrior would do well on what we’ve seen of Mount Olympus so far?