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Mike Meyers has put together a creative Thanksgiving workout

You can do these exercises with your family and they’re based around the food!

David Becker/NBC

American Ninja Warrior is all about discovering what you’re capable of and the community that helps you get there. But in order to take in those messages, you need to plop on the couch for two solid hours to watch an episode. We’re sure your FitBit has something to say about that.

One competitor decided to do something about that. All throughout season 10 of American Ninja Warrior, Mike Meyers shared “couchless commercials” exercises to keep us up and moving during the two-hour episodes. So while you’re feeling inspired by the competitors on TV, you can use that motivation to realize what you’re capable of as well.

(Mike had a great season 10. After completing the Minneapolis Qualifiers course, he advanced all the way to Stage Two at the National Finals.)

You can find all those exercises here:

Now, Mike is back for Thanksgiving with a new set of exercises that you can do with your friends and family during the holiday feasting! (And perhaps binge watching old episodes of Ninja Warrior.)

Couchless Commercials Thanksgiving Edition:

  • 1 push up for every pound of turkey and/or meat you prepare
  • 2 sit ups for every side dish you prepare
  • 5 dips for every dessert you prepare
  • 5 second plank for each person at the table
  • 2 squats for each utensil on the table
  • Hold a wall sit while you say what you’re thankful for

We’re loving the wall sit idea. We hope that you have so many things you’re thankful for that you’re sore the next day!

Happy Thanksgiving, Ninja family!