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Ninja Warrior veterans have started applying to be on season 11

Even the fan-favorites have to send in a video.

Dustin Bradford/NBC

Early in November, it was announced that casting for season 11 of American Ninja Warrior was open. This means that all Ninjas, aspiring or returning, need to start working on their applications if they want a shot at the course. Applying involves filling out the online form and submitting a video showcasing who they are as a person as well as their physical strengths.

And when we say all Ninjas, we mean ALL Ninjas. It doesn’t matter how many times someone has been on the show, or how well they’ve done. Each athlete has to apply and be selected.

We’ve been sleuthing around the web looking for hints of which Ninja Warriors are planning on getting those applications in. Here’s what we’ve got.

(Okay, before you worry, this is certainly not ALL the Ninjas who’ve applied for season 11. We just looked for online evidence that they’ve started their submission.)

Larissa Cottle gave us a peek at some of the images in her application video.

Ryan Stratis shared on Instagram that he’s still working on his video, trying to come up with ideas for his 11th application.

But on our Facebook post asking who’d applied, he responded with this gif, so we think things are looking pretty positive.

On that same post, we noticed a little wave hello from R.J. Roman.

He made it to Stage Two in season 10, so it would be great to have him back.

David Becker/NBC

Ryan isn’t the only long-timer looking to return. Lorin Ball wants his 11th shot at the course as well.

Dan Yager plans on putting his early exit from last season behind him.

We also posted about the casting on our Instagram page, asking who planned to take part. Amid all the inspiring comments from the incoming Ninjas, we spotted a few familiar handles.

Emily Durham wants to head back to the National Finals.

Nick Hanson tried to be coy, but we think his comment means he’s on his way back.

Barclay Stockett raised her hand as well.

This last one is a stretch, but we’re going with it. Geoff Britten had previously announced that he’ll come out of retirement for season 11. Recently, he uploaded this dramatic shot and used the hashtag #ANW11 on it. We just going to imagine his application is in the works.

Have you spotted any other hints of returning Ninjas? Do you plan on joining them for season 11?