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You can now Ninja on the beach thanks to Westley Silvestri

After being denied permits for his own gym, he created a pop-up version.

Tyler Golden/NBC

Westley Silvestri is a two-time American Ninja Warrior competitor who doesn’t take no for an answer. After being denied permits to open his own Ninja gym seven different times, Westley came up with a pretty picture-perfect solution: Let people get their Ninja on in a stunning location right on the Pacific Ocean.

He built his own obstacles and brought them down to the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, CA. Every Sunday, Westley sets up his course from noon to four and encourages anyone and everyone to give it a try. Over time, the pop-up Ninja gym has become a focal point of the Los Angeles-based Ninja community.

In the video above, from People are Awesome, Westley talks about the origins of Ninja Beach with fellow competitor, Natalie Duran. He even plans to expand his set up with 15 more obstacles in the near future. Check it out!

You can take a look at more of the jaw-dropping Ninja related action at Muscle Beach with this video as well.