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Poll: Should the National Finals change location each season?

What if the final stages moved around, just like the Qualifying cities?

David Becker/NBC

Ever since season four of American Ninja Warrior, the National Finals have taken place in Las Vegas. It’s such an ingrained part of the show that saying someone made it to Vegas is synonymous with saying they made it to the National Finals. Fans are familiar with the backdrop of the Vegas lights providing the ambiance for the looming Stage Four climb.

But what if it wasn’t that way?

We love watching American Ninja Warrior fans have thoughtful discussions about the show, so we like to throw you conversation starters once in awhile. Here we go...

What if the National Finals didn’t have a set home base? What if, like the cities each season, the location changed?


Should the National Finals change location each season?

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To be very clear, we’re not associated with the production of the show, so this is a hypothetical question for fun. Would you like the variety of having the season finale take place in different locations? Or do you love the familiarity of the set goal in Las Vegas each year? Comment away!