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This family was almost an entire Ninja Warrior course for Halloween

They were a four-piece set!

Grant Gorski

American Ninja Warrior fans did NOT disappoint this Halloween season. We saw so many adorable, inspired, and creative costumes. We tried to capture a lot of them here but there were dozens more we didn’t get to share.

This family took things to a whole new level! Grant Gorski and his family went all in on their coordinated Halloween costume.

Grant Gorski

They had a Jessie Graff and a Morgan “Moose” Wright in their midsts.

Grant Gorski

But mom and dad rounded it out with a buzzer adorned Warped Wall and a tricky Salmon Ladder.

Here’s a close up of the “Moose” taking on the Salmon Ladder.

Grant Gorski

Grant gave us a little insight into how the whole thing came together:

“Every year we have a family costume...Peter Pan, Frozen, robots, etc. We always watch American Ninja Warrior and our kids enjoy training with Morgan. So it was a no brainer for this year’s Halloween.”

Don’t worry about the weight of the Warped Wall (that was our first question). Grant told us it was made of cardboard and CPVC pipe and not heavy at all.

Grant Gorski

Throw in a couple balance obstacles and they’d have a pretty challenging course on their hands!