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What was the most emotional run of season 10?

Admit it, you cried at least once this season.

Cooper Neill/NBC

Do you ever watch something on purpose because you KNOW it’s going to make you emotional? You’re just craving that cathartic release (Looking at you, ‘This is Us’ viewers).

American Ninja Warrior can have a similar effect. Between the epic moments of athletic accomplishments, there’s some genuine heart and emotion in there. During season 10, we cried A LOT. Anyone else feel the same way?

What did you think was the most emotional run of the season? We gave you a hefty batch of inspiration below, but we want your thoughts. Tell us in the comments!

Dr. Favia Dubyk overcoming cancer to take on the course

Jimmy Choi giving it his all for the second year in a row, representing the Parkinson’s community

Enedina Stanger going from wheelchair to Ninja Warrior

Jeremiah Morgan comes back from a near-death experience

Kenny Niemitalo looks to find kidney donors

Austen Gray hitting the buzzer after donating his kidney

Lucas Reale competing on the third anniversary of his father’s passing