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Some of the best Ninja things that happened off-screen this season

While we focused on the episodes, the Ninjas were still hard at work competing.

We have a confession to make. When American Ninja Warrior is on the air, things get BUSY around here. While we love it (hey, it IS the name of the website after all), it does mean that we can miss covering some cool stuff while the show is on.

So we’re doing a little circling back. A lot of people will already know this info. But it’s still worth mentioning, just for sheer awesome-ness, as well as to get it out there to those that might not have seen it happen!

Rockford Ninja Warrior

Back in August, the Rockford Ninja Warrior event returned full force! This annual event pulls in some of the most well-known Ninjas for several days of hands-on clinics and competition in Michigan.

Adam Rayl took first place for the second time in a row.

“Congratulations to Adam Rayl for successfully defending his title as Rockford Ninja Warrior Champion! Adam demolished the course in 28.678 followed in 2nd place by Joe Moravsky, 3rd place Michael Torres, 4th place Chris Digangi and 5th place Andy Lowes! Such a fantastic group of athletes!”

Check out Maggie Owen! She completed the course in the amateur competition and moved on to run with the pros!

“One of the highlights of the competition was when Magnificent Maggie Owen defeated the course and tore up the warped wall as the ONLY amateur female competitor to complete the course! Maggie you are amazing!”

Oh yeah, Maggie just happens to be 14-years-old. She placed second behind Jesse Labreck!

Speaking of Jesse Labreck, here she is taking on her first place run. (Also her second win in a row at this competition.)

You can check out the full results of the Rockford Ninja Warriors competition here.

2018 UNAA Championship Finals

Near the end of July, the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association held their 2018 Championship Finals in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The UNAA hosts competitions all over the country and the world throughout the year. The top finishers then get a shot at the annual championships.

This year, over 360 athletes from all over the world took part. American Ninja Warriors Jake Murray and Rebekah Bonilla each took first place in their devisions.

If you’re like, ‘Dang, I would have loved to watch that,’ you’re in luck! They streamed the competition to Facebook, giving you over eight glorious hours of viewing.

2018 Ultimate Ninja World Championship Finals

2018 Ultimate Ninja World Championship Finals

Posted by Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association on Saturday, July 21, 2018
UNAA Part 2 World Championship Finals

UNAA Part 2 World Championship Finals

Posted by Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association on Saturday, July 21, 2018

WE WANT TO THANK ALL THOSE THAT CAME OUT TO THE UNAA WORLD FINALS!! It was hectic, stressful and busy, but all around a ton of fun and AMAZING competition!! These athletes came from all around the globe and the athletes gave it everything they had! Congrats to all those that made into the Top 10! Here are a few pics, but we have much more coming from our photog soon. You can see all the Results here: Thanks to Jordan Flash Brown for awesome pics!!!!!

Posted by Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association on Wednesday, July 25, 2018
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Relentless #ninjawarrior #unaafinals #photography

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You can review the full results of the UNAA Championships here.

Ultimate Backyard Warrior

Over Labor Day weekend, Mike Cook held one of his celebrated Ultimate Backyard Warrior competitions in North Carolina. These competitions take place twice a year and include four stages of obstacles. These weekends have become something of a tradition for Ninjas that include special celebrations of the community as a whole as well as the competition.

Ninja Zhanique Lovett took first place for the women. Daniel Gil snagged first in the mens division for the second time in a row.

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Wow what an amazing weekend in North Carolina. My very first time at UBW and i had a blast. I was thanking God every moment that I had for allowing me to travel across the country to compete and hang out with my ninja family. I really felt like God had me there for a reason. Not only to win 1st place but to meet new people, inspire other women and children, and to see God moving there at UBW in an impactful way. To show God’s love to others and that’s what it’s all about. I was giving this wonderful opportunity to go because of one of my good friends @marci.taylor and her husband Mike for sponsoring me for this entire trip. ❤️ I have to give a special thanks to my brotha Ernest for coaching me through each stage and for his support and confidence in me. I would never forget about my girls Maggi and Tiana @nvr_gvup @sweett_02 for their love, support and prayers this weekend. These are some of the sweetest girls on the planet. And not last but not least Lee and Rambo @daddy_daughter_ninja @480athlete were so incredibly helpful and so nice it made me not have to worry about a thing cuz they had my back. Mike Cook @ubwmikecook is a fantastic guy with a huge heart for people and for the Lord and I love that about him. What a great comp I highly recommend it if you have never been there. I will be back again. You and the @ubwfit crew were amazing. #1 #northcarolina #ubw #trainhard #hardworkplaysoff #1stplace #americanninjawarrior #116 #blessed #godisamazing

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Seriously, LOOK at the energy that goes into building these stages! It’s pretty incredible.

Okay, we know these are not the only cool Ninja things that happened during the TV show season. Shout out your favorite non-TV moments in the comments below!