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Which Ninja has the best Halloween costume?

There’s some stiff competition in the creativity department!

Happy Halloween, American Ninja Warrior fans! You know our Ninja Warrior’s aren’t exactly shy, which means they go ALL out when it comes to dressing up. Check out how some of your favorite Ninjas decided to celebrate the holiday.

Which Ninja do you think had the best costume?

Okay, Maggi Thorne’s doll get-up is giving us chills.

Check out the whole Ninja club at this party!

Maggi Thorne/Instagram

Jeri D’Aurelio was kicking butt as Harley Quinn.

Grace Sims was spot on as Garth from Wayne’s World.

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Happy Halloween #Garth #waynesworld #partytime #excellent

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We’re not nominating Jake Murray for this picture. We’re saying his girlfriend Carissa deserves a shoutout for nailing her impression of season eight Jake!

This is an oldie, but this Spiderman and gorilla are actually OG Ninja vets David Campbell and Brian Kretsch.

There’s more than one Spiderman on this block. Here’s Joe “Spidey” Moravsky.

This one isn’t really a Halloween costume, but it’s too dang cool not to include. Ryan Stratis as a zombie on The Walking Dead!

Another throwback, but we’re allowing it because it’s just too perfect for Jesse Labreck and Chris DiGangi!

Check out this award-winning costume from Mike Meyers.

We’ll update this through the day as we spot more!