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The Moose looks to bring Ninja Warrior into P.E.

Morgan Wright has developed a new program he thinks should replace mandatory physical testing.

Jason Koerner/NBC

Ahhhhh, P.E. class. The best part of your school day, right? From realizing you forgot your change of gym clothes and will be receiving a zero for the day, to gazing up at the mandatory rope climb while someone snickers in the background, it was just FABULOUS.

Okay, maybe some of you had a great time in gym class. We did not. But apparently we weren’t totally alone in that feeling because one Ninja Warrior has set out to change P.E. classes forever.

Morgan ‘Moose’ Wright has been charming American Ninja Warrior fans for the past few seasons. Morgan started his career on the show in season eight, but things picked up for him in season nine. He ran in Kansas City and made it to the National Finals, but not before giving us moments like this:

In season 10, Morgan didn’t return to Las Vegas, but he did snag his first buzzer in Miami.

When he’s not on the course, Morgan is a physical education teacher, and he’s combined his two loves into Kids Ninja Fitness, a program he’s developed to replace the mandatory physical testing so many of us gym-class weaklings are haunted by.

Morgan described the program in the Facebook post on his personal account:

“I’m now the Subject Area Specialist for Lee County Physical Education (in addition to teaching). My first action was to stop *mandatory* fitness testing for K-5. The most efficient way to have a kid turn away from fitness is to force ‘em to fail at something in front of their peers. Instead: I’ve created an ELECTIVE fitness testing program that mirrors Ninja Warrior in that there’s six testable events, six stages total per event. Each stage comes with a mini certificate (school qualifier, school finals, nationals 1-4).

To build hype for the event, I was lucky enough to have Matt Iseman create the introduction, and Akbar Gbajabiamila the closing for those dedicated enough to reach the final stage by April. Every month, I have Hype videos from popular Ninjas to show on the school morning news to keep the excitement alive. I created a website from scratch to share this information with as many elementary school PE teachers as possible (meaning DON’T SHOW IT TO YOUR KIDS!). HUGE thanks to Desirée Rincón for making the certificates to award!

If you like what you see, please share it with any teacher/PE/kid-oriented fitness program buddies you know across our great nation. It’s all a 100% free labor of love.”

The hosts are on board. The Ninjas are on board. We’re hoping this program ends up helping so many kids embrace physical activity while having fun and becoming future Ninja Warriors!