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The top times at this Ninja competition are bafflingly fast

The Colorado Ninja Challenge wrapped up with some big shifts in the leaderboard.

Maggi Thorne/Twitter

Okay, remember last week when we warned you all that there was some serious Ninja-drama going on in Colorado? Well, the Colorado Ninja Challenge is now wrapped and things somehow managed to get even MORE intense.

When we last checked in, Jon Alexis Jr. was in first place when he beat Adam Rayl’s fast time with a run of 17.4 seconds. There were two more days left in the competition but we were kind of thinking the leaderboard would stay pretty steady.


Both the professional men’s and women’s rankings were totally shaken up. We’re downright baffled by how these times were even possible.

Men’s results

  1. Adam Rayl - 16.48
  2. Kyle Soderman - 17.02
  3. Jon Alexis Jr. - 17.08
  4. Joe Moravsky - 17.22
  5. Austin Gray - 18.46
  6. Thomas Stilling - 18.85
  7. Jamie Rahn - 19.79

That’s right, Jon ended up coming in third when Kyle Soderman and Adam Rayl got through the course a hair’s breadth faster. Joe Moravsky came in fourth, but all of them finished almost within one second of each other. Austin, Thomas, and Jamie were all about three seconds from the top time.

Women’s results

  1. Melisa Anderson - 27.23
  2. Olivia Vivian - 27.61
  3. Rebekah Bonilla - 30.22
  4. Maggi Thorne - 30.82
  5. Zhanique Lovett - 33.42
  6. Jennifer Hecht - 33.48
  7. Barclay Stockett - 40.25

Melisa snagged to top time away from Olivia Vivian, who had already shaved two seconds off of her previous fastest run. Jennifer’s time of 33.48 moved from third place down to sixth, with Zhanique JUST edging her time down a spot. Rebekah and Maggi were less than a second apart. Barclay rounded out the leaderboard with her time of 40.25.

You need to see these runs to believe them...

Adam Rayl’s winning run

Kyle Soderman

Melisa Anderson

Joe Moravsky

Olivia Vivian

Updated to include the video of Adam Rayl’s run.