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Which Ninja Warrior obstacle would you banish?

Wave a magic wand at the obstacle you hate the most.

Jason Koerner/NBC

Have you ever found yourself mad at an inanimate object? Happens all the time when we watch American Ninja Warrior. Some obstacles seem to have souls. Evil, evil souls that have it out for our beloved Ninjas.

We KNOW tough obstacles are par for the course and that part of the magic is witnessing the Ninjas find their way through. But don’t you ever wish you could help them out a little bit and yank an obstacle from the course?

In the 10 seasons of American Ninja Warrior, is there one obstacle you hate above all else?

Cannonball Drop was a jerk in Miami. We can’t even think about the Double Dipper without getting irritated. What was UP with those Water Walls?

David Becker/NBC

Tell us, what Ninja Warrior obstacle would you banish if you could?