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Please watch this VERY good dog hit the buzzer on his Ninja course

His dad, Ninja Roo Yori, raised money for rescue dogs during season 10.

Here is an adorable dog on a Ninja Warrior course. He even rides a ZIP LINE, people. Do we really have to say anything else?

Okay, we will, because this is a very special pup.

Johnny was rescued in 2015 when he was found chained in a basement with nine other dogs. His new dad is American Ninja Warrior Roo Yori, who officially adopted him in November of 2015.

The pair worked hard on their course training together. Becoming a k9 Ninja Warrior isn’t an easy job!

“We worked on things here and there through the spring and summer,” Roo shared with us. “The hardest one was probably the zip line. Initially he didn’t have the strength to hold on, but playing some good games of tug helped, and he was eventually able to hang on as long as he stepped off the platform carefully. He definitely got a bunch of treats after hitting the buzzer, and all throughout the training as well!”

Roo is a three time American Ninja Warrior veteran. During season 10, he ran the course in Minneapolis and had a very special mission. He set up a fundraising page to raise money for every obstacle he completed. The funds went to the Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation, with the mission of, “Improving the lives of dogs and the people who care for them. We financially support programs and organizations that we know are making a huge impact in their community.” When all was said an done, Roo says he raised just over $8,000.

Roo gave us some info on what inspired his fundraising idea.

“Raising awareness is huge, but shelters and rescues constantly need money. I wanted to think of a way to raise some cash as well, and I thought about the pledge-a-thons that we did back in elementary school. I thought that could be a fun and engaging way for the fans to donate, and give me extra motivation knowing that each obstacle I completed would mean more money for the dogs.”

During season 10, Roo ran the course in Minneapolis. He made it to the City Finals and then went out on the Sky Hooks.

“I was excited to get back to the (City) Finals course, fix my mistake on the Diamond Dash, and get a little redemption. I was a little concerned with the new Archer Steps and the Iron Maiden simply because it was at the end, but confident in the rest. The Archer Steps went well, and I breezed the through the Double Twister. Unfortunately a fluke miss grab on the ring for the Sky Hooks sent me swimming. Again, pretty disappointing to go out on a mistake like that when I know I was capable of more, but I was proud to be the oldest competitor to advance to the City Finals.”

The season was bittersweet for Roo. In previous seasons, he’d been joined on the sidelines by his pupper Angus, who sadly passed away this year.

“I was definitely missing Angus. It was the first year he hadn’t been on my sideline. He was represented on my shirt, and I wanted to do well for him especially. I felt like I let him down a bit with my performance, but knew that his tail would be wagging regardless. Watching the amazing tribute they did of him during the City Finals episode, and introducing Johnny learning his own obstacles to fill in as my Ninja sidekick made a lot of that disappointment go away.

Knowing that I raised over $8K for homeless dogs even with the early falls made me feel that much better. I’ll take encouraging millions to adopt their next dog and raising $8K for homeless dogs over falling short of my personal goals for the course any day. But hopefully next year I’ll get all three, and raise even more cash!”

We totally support Roo’s mission to return to American Ninja Warrior. And we’re not ashamed to admit that part of it is because we need more of THIS FACE.