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Which season 10 Ninja would you give a do-over?

Let’s pretend we have some power over the past.

David Becker/NBC

Ever lay awake at night thinking to yourself, “Dang! If only that Ninja had one more chance”? No? Just us?


Season 10 of American Ninja Warrior was full of twists and turns, including early or shocking falls. We asked this question at the end of season nine and the results were fascinating, so we’re bringing it up again.

If you could give ONE Ninja from season 10 a re-run on the course, who would it be and why?

Someone who had an early exit, like JJ Woods in Miami?

A shock like Isaac Caldiero in Indianapolis?

Maybe someone who just needed one more shot to go even farther? Like Jesse Labreck on Stage One.

Would you let Najee Richardson have another go on Stage Two? Put Drew Drechsel back on Stage Three?

You know the drill. Hop down to the comments let us hear it!