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American Ninja Warrior’s top 10 most watched runs

Admit it, how many of these views are yours?

Tyler Golden/NBC

Dang, American Ninja Warrior fans love re-experiencing the runs from the show. The official YouTube account has racked up millions and millions of views. We looked over the numbers to pull together the top 10 most watched videos.

(These numbers are just from YouTube and just from the current official account. Yes, we know the numbers would be different if we used Facebook views, and that at one point there was a different Ninja Warrior YouTube account. But heck, we made the rules for this article. So there.)

A few things are pretty obvious. Jessie Graff is a hit. Actually, it’s the women in general who pulled in the most eyes. Also, the 81-year-old Ninja will Never. Ever. Go. Away.

What do you think? Are these your favorite videos? How many of these views are you responsible for?

1.) Jessie Graff at the Los Angeles City Finals

Views: 22 million

Season: 8

Reason: Jessie was one of only two Ninjas to survive The Wedge that night. She came in second overall, the highest place a woman has claimed in the City Finals.

2.) The 81-year-old Ninja

Views: 12 million

Season: 9

Reason: Because the Internet loves a good mystery, even after it’s been solved.

3.) Jessie Graff beats Stage One

Views: 6.5 million

Season: 8

Reason: Before this run, no woman had ever defeated Stage One of the National Finals, placing Jessie’s name in the record books once again.

4.) Drew Drechsel at the Atlanta City Finals

Views: 5.9 million

Season: 8

Reason: It’s a good old fashion powerhouse performance from a veteran.

5.) Jessie Graff at the Daytona City Finals

Views: 5.4 million

Season: 9

Reason: Jessie made it all the way to very last obstacle of the course. Also, the move she pulled on the Giant Cubes is still a thrill to watch.

6.) Jessie Graff beats Stage Two

Views: 5 million

Season: USA vs the World, after season 8

Reason: After going out on Stage Two in the regular season, Jessie returned during this off season special to make history AGAIN by becoming the first woman to complete the second stage.

7.) Zhanique Lovett at the Los Angeles Qualifiers

Views: 3.2 million

Season: 9

Reason: The first time we said hello to Zhanique! In her debut run, she took down the difficult Batter Ram and made it all the way to the Warped Wall.

8.) Kacy Catanzaro at the San Antonio City Finals

Views: 3.18 million

Season: 9

Reason: Kacy’s runs in season six helped elevate to the show to a new level. In what would be her last season before retiring, Kacy made it back to the City Finals and faced the Warped Wall once again.

9.) Jamie Rahn at the Cleveland City Finals

Views: 3.17

Season: 9

Reason: The Nail Clipper, The Clacker, this course was a beast. Jamie poured himself into the obstacles for a nail-biting climb to the buzzer.

10.) Rebekah Bonilla at the Los Angeles City Finals

Views: 3 million

Season: 9

Reason: In Rebekah’s debut season, she pushed past the obstacle that beat her in the Qualifiers to advance deep into the course, announcing the presence of another top competitor.